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When you're not in the mood to be spiritual ...

 .... wadda ya do?

I have been working like a madman for the last  year week and just got a reminder that tomorrow is Friday Fun With Anglicans night which I signed up for in good faith (sorry) two months ago. I do like some thinking with my faith, which this is providing well, but I am just not in the mood for the middle classed, nervous smiles, let's everyone get along Anglicanism of it all. But I am too guilty to play hooky and there is pizza.

We all know I am weak in the areas of pizza, typing, and tall red-heads in shiny pants.

Also, I had a dream last night that I was married to Sophie, and she would let me go on Outward Bound. Beyond odd.


don't forget the woolly jerseys...

wiat is this fun times with my aunt and uncle? because if it is, it will be fun times. my aunt is great.
Your Aunt is pretty awesome I have to say. An they have an excellent Penthouse Vicarage (tm).
yay! I like them- they're just so veryvery Anglican and yet make it seem attractive. I'm not sure how they do it.
hmm.. well, this could be one of those things that you dont feel like you want to go to cause in actuality you do want to go to...and besides when you get there you it will be good and you will be able to have excellent conversations with other people who have the same of similar faith, and pizza and it will leave you feeling as tho it is and will be all worth is and if you don't mind the romanticism of it, it will bring you closer to your God, and that is always a pluss...


sometimes the path can be kinda fuzzy and feel like it is far away, but then people can help you light the way back up.


Yeah, I do feel better after going, which is a good measuring tool to say yes I do really want to go. I just hope I find something to say other than about Libraries.
excellent.. *skips*.. and libraries are fun to.. *beams*
so it's the spiritual equivalent of the gym? nice
Am not going to vicarage carrying my shoes and reeking of rum. Actually, am going home to reek of vics and not wear any shoes. Massive massive cold has turned me braindead.

April 2011

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