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Text M.U.M

Had a random text argument with my Mum.

I send a text to Mum last night when I am walking home, commiserating over her working in the dark and me having to walk home in the dark now that winter is here.

Get a text back - "I HOPE you aren't walking home in the dark!!"

Continue by email the next day. And continue.

Putting aside all the things like, I'm 30 and able to take car of myself, I don't have a car and the bus stops some way away, and walking across the CBD isn't really DARK so much ..... I thought we were getting towards a more mature relationship, and see this as somewhat of a setback.

Off now to walk home in the dark. Glad my Mum lives 2 hours away or she'd be offering to pick me up.


Heh, for the record, my mother does this for me too.
I don't get the 'walking home in the dark' thing so much, possibly due to an overly-graphic description of kickboxing moves, but in any other category, ..., yeah, I still get this.

Gets particularly grating on the topic of 'dealing with employers', as the phrase "The 1800's called; They'd like their employment relations policies back" is just so tempting.
I know that one! Especially the mind-boggling as to how this thing is perceived as being unsafe.

I was talking with a friend the other day about how families usually encourage you to do the 'safe' thing, even if it means you being bored, isolated or unfulfilled. Which is understandable because you know, you're carrying the precious genetic material and all! But then they don't have to live with the boredom or whatever.
Oh man, got to look after that precious genetic material. On the other hand, if I breed with Davey, what is that going to do to it, huh?
I am not sure that quoting the 'Women are attacked in the home by loved ones, MEN are attached on the street by strangers' is going to make her any more optimistic about me asting long enough to breed.

I just thought this 'walking home in the dark' thing would fade out.

April 2011

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