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Domino number one

Our landlord is putting the rent up to $340.00. Looking at Trade me (which I just misspelt as tarde me, coincidence?) you can get 2 bedroom places quite easily for less than we are paying for our 1 bedroom bolthole of loveliness. But they are all further away from town, sometimes not too far, sometimes WAY too far. And I am feeling strangely muleish about living in a new apartment again, of which there are an abundance, at fairly reasonable prices, comparatively. Don't wanna! Wanna COOLER place to live! May the people who designed such dwellings be re-born as sardines.


I've only seen your place from the outside, but it sounds about right to me for location etc. I think liveable ones used to start at about $270 in my day, but it wasn't uncommon to be paying $330+ for something that had many good points.
i think your landlord should be turned into a sardine for putting the rent up for you, a long term tennant, one that will look after the place, and not skip out on the rent.. etc etc... what money he thinks he will make he/she will actually loose in finding a new tennant, and then finding another new tennant, cause the first tennant realised they couldn't afford the rent after all, thus the place with be empty for a couple of weeks at a time. it was way less hassle to not raise the rent and keep the long term tennant... *nods*

umm.. opps.. ranty... sorry

*sheepish smile*
Aye to all .... I don't actually want to move out, and am not planning on moving out because of the extra $20, but we are starting to think that a two bedroom place would be better ... somewhere not so damp ... I dunno, you give people a nice place to live and they start to think they actually deserve even better:)

And Polly, the rotten thing with this apartment is that it would never stand empty. We snaffled it after it had been on trade me for 20 minutes! Thus there is not much leverage to be had in that direction, not that I feel I need some ... our landlords are perfectly nice really

April 2011

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