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The Borrower

Hey all. Sorry if I haven't seen you lately - work is SUPER insane and Also planning (hah! as if!) for the trip to Europe which has now been put forward to Sep1st - 15th Oct. 

Although I have bought new luggage, I do not wish to buy a sleeping bag since I would never use it - as far as I am concerned 'camping' means wearing my PVC pants -  and was wondering  if any folk has one I could borrow for the above mentioned length of time? It doesn't need to be super warm, but one that folds up really small would be smashing. I am super insured, so will be able to replace for you if anything goes bad.

Also, I am interested if there is anything people have felt was an INDISPENSABLE thing to have on a long journey? I have never been on a really long trip before, and although it will be mainly through cities, I am wondering if there is something I've missed.


If you are anything like me, a little spray mister for your face for the long flights isn't a luxury. The Body Shop's ones are good.

No idea how international flights feel about liquids in canisters these days, though. You'd need to find out if it will be an issue.

But my mucuous membranes dry fast enough on long flights to give me a bleeding nose and/or pain breathing through my nose after eight hours. Having a spray to make the air I breathe all nice and humid makes a real difference.

Another option is having a really thin handkie and soaking it in water then holding it over my face, but I look really weird that way. I've still done it, because I had no real option otherwise, but...

Other stuff I found good: pockets on every outfit. Clothes without pockets = irritating situations you can avoid.

A tardis-style handbag is good, too. A pocketsized paper notebook or a PDA for writing in, since whatever you take to read may not be what you feel like, but you can write whatever you want.
A day pack. Seriously. The amount of walking you are going to end up doing, you inevitably end up doing, requires (as previously mentioned) a tardis-esque bag that I strongly recommend should go over both shoulders. With a little thingy on the side for a water bottle. And in high pick-pocket risk areas you might want to carry it on your front like a total goober, so make sure it's a pretty one.

Pockets. mkcs is right. Pockets rock. Deep and functional pockets with a button on them are even better.

And I have a sleeping bag but it's really crap. You're welcome to borrow it if you want but I would wait and see if you get a better offer from someone who camps as I, like you, believe that camping is something Other People Do
i have a sleeping bag that squishes up to the smallest thing ever. in fact i have two (one is slightly less warm than the other and is technically a sleeping bag liner) so you can have your pick.
Yay! Thanks everyone, it is a big help to hear your experiences. Also, the post seems to have been brought to you by the word Super, for which I apologise.

Ok? Super!
Also, wear really comfortable shoes. You will be doing whole heaps of walking, wherever you go, and you don't want to be curled up on the second day in an exciting city, unable to move because of blisters. Comfortable shoes which are broken in.
Multiple certified photocopies of the identity page of your passport, and keep them in different places. If your passport ever gets lost or stolen, you will find a certified copy more useful than you could possibly imagine.

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