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Apr. 20th, 2011


(no subject)

Coffee has been accepted since many years as one of the secrets tending to longevity; coffee should be patronise frequently, and by all classes in general.

Its effects are most favourable to health, its nutritive qualities and stimulating properties are well known. Coffee can safely be prescribed to all people suffer ting from melancholia, or who are martyrs to indigestion. Nervous persons and children should be very cautious not to abuse coffee, as its excess will prove detrimental to them.

Jan. 1st, 2011


read this if you are confused

went for a walk to find an internet cafe
walking off irritation at Davey
walking out the grrrrrs when I am with Hob for a week
with no hel
well, my agedgotabadback parents
and I come home and clean and clean and clean
andlook after Hob still
and cook the dinner
and Davey is on the couch
thinking he is having family time
but watching the teevee and leaving Hob
to me

growl growl growl
and .... breathe ....

And let it go. Davey is who he is. He is a good dad. He is just never going to be Mr. Houseproud. But he is lovely.

May. 3rd, 2010


Still here

... and still a sphere. Broke out the credit card today to make sure that I have arnica for the birth. Going to my midwives appt to have my membranes swept tomorrow - which is about as wierd as it sounds. Come on, #notpies - if you stay put any longer you might go off!

Apr. 28th, 2010


Being flattened by the angel

The opposite of romance is avarice. The opposite of big is proud. The opposite of bread and butter is a fejoa. The opposite of now is never. The opposite of domesticity is a ciggarette in a saucer of rain water.

The opposite of me is me. I am who I never was and I was happy as I was.

Since I stopped work due to the general fetus-having nature of my life, and the baby-having nature of my life to come, I have struggled with my selfhood. Mainly because I have had to stop and think.

If you can't wear any of your shoes, are you still yourself?

Are you still yourself if you find that your previously placid temperament has changed to constant rage?

How does your self feel about being two people at once, except you don't know one of them at all? Do you pretend that you have some spiritual and intrinsic understanding of that stranger?

Does this all come down to realising that my selfhood was based on ephemeral things that didn't matter?

Or is the opposite of romance brain death, like I always thought it was?

Apr. 22nd, 2010



I am trying to find more things to do in town that cost less than $5 to do. I am everyday at the public library (of course) and have been to the city gallery, Te Papa, and the film archive. I kind of suck at not spending money in this kind of situation, which is the situation of having money NOW, but knowing I'll be broke soon. Aside from long walks, what else can I do?

Also, anyone else want to go on walks with me?

Dec. 30th, 2009


I loves my Kilt Pin

...cos it's holding my pants up. This has got to help with the 'blending in' with society thing. Also, I must contiue to fit my jeans as long as possible. Life without jeans!?!

It is hot, there are 3 items of clothes that fit me, and Toni doesn't love me. On the other hand - I don't have to work! 

I am back from Nelson, where I nearly bankrupted myself buying formica.

Now, a new flat. Before the end of January. I will miss my little place in Aro, but I won't miss that bathroom, or the 94 stairs (unless we get a place with MORE stairs) or the tiny toy oven.

Off to see my haridresser now to plead extreme wiggy ugliness in the hope of winning a pity appointment with her.  

If anyone wants to go for gentle strolls or picanics or early dinners in the sunshine before the 5th (or indeed after) please do text me or message me and let us go. If I'm lucky, I'll find a bigger kilt pin shopping this afternoon ....

Sep. 26th, 2009


(no subject)

Work was good. I got to talk to people who donated stuff to the library about Rita Angus and the Benson and Hedges Fashion Awards. Then there was Free Lunch.

I like Donor's Day because almost no one is as interested in Archives and Manuscripts as other archivists and collectors and documentary historians. This is the creme de la creme of geek.

Now I am moseying off to the Civic Square to see how long the lines are to get into the newly reopened City Gallery. I am happy to live in a city where this is an event that there are big lines at though.

Next week - WoW! Davey was given tickets for being a super-awesome bartender and I can't wait. I am far too stingy to have paid for my own seat, let along one this good:)

Sep. 12th, 2009


No work people here, right?

Oh, there are days when I feel like crap, and I turn back to trusty Live Journal to complain about it. I am on twitter and facebook now, but there are plenty of casual acquaintances hanging out there including people I work with. This precludes me sounding anything but cheerful online, as they might - oh god - ask me about why I feel crap, and anyway, I'd be breaking the unspoken rule that either everyone complains about work or no one does.

Fortunately, none of my other online presences even sniffs back in the direction of LJ. I have kept it as separate as possible. And I think that I am going to appreciate that. It makes me remember when no one knew who you were online unless you told them.

Jun. 20th, 2009



Fell asleep waiting for 10.30 to come around and woke up at two! Argh! Argh! Missed Sophie's gig! Missed fun times! Got a big headache!

Moral: get more sleep during the week, don't drink soju and eat a bucketload of Korean food before going home on Friday night.

Even though I am a social retard, please do still come to Davey's and my party on Sunday night - there will be loads of lovely stew and hot booze and after it is over, Winter is half done!

Jun. 16th, 2009


Deepest Darkest Te Aro

If you didn't get it on Facebook or by someone sneezing on you, Davey and myself are having a lovely party on the longest night of the year. It'll start at sundown, finish at sunup, and be filled with candles and hot booze and stew and love and bring your friends but not, like 50 of them, because we have a tiny house. Please come! We love you!

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