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That winged glory, the air bus.

I go in the big air car to the UK and environs next Monday for six weeks. So naturally, my life is made of STRESS right now (thank you Jo for the gift of  syntax), although work is not quite as hectic as it was which is good. Davey has a major case of the tooth hurt right now, I really really hope that it stops soon.

The email that I will be answering to while away is akellywatling@gmail.com. I will hopefully be updating my travel buddies site on Facebook fairly often too. And, if you wants a postcard just say! I love to be sending the postcards.

Anyway, so say bye bye I would like to invite folk over to my place after work on Friday for a few quiet drinks and nibbles and you can tell me all of your traveling horror stories to make me feel even more nervous than I currently do. It would be really lovely if you could come, even just to wander up after fidel's for an hour or so.


You know I will be there.
*pat pat* everything will be WIN! and CAKE!
me me.. can i has a postcard? actually would you send one to my mum to?

i will send addresses to your new emails. *beams*.. and then come visit you on friday

and totally there on friday. =) i have Good! travel stories!
I'll be there :)

And I have a gift (or two) for you!
Good luck with your trip!

It's really not so hard. Just remember to keep communicating with each other and make sure that you have enough time to relax as well.

You've probably already got this sorted, but only bring disposable books that you'll read and swap with other people in hostels. If you've finished your book, carry it with you in your bag and take it into hostels that you pass and ask if they have a book swap box where people put a book in and take one out. You don't have to be staying at there to do this, whoever is behind the front desk probably won't care. :)

Dude, that is awesome. There should be a book swap box of every street corner in the world as far as I'm concerned. Now I am looking forward to see what book I can score!

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