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Went to a farewell last night for Sam (Sam from the Isle of Mann) which was very fun. I do like the folk of the SFBH. They are nice. They tell jokes. They drink drinks. It's all very convivial and they make me feel like part of the group, even though I am not around very much. There is the elder statesmen, which includes Davey and Chris, then the bright young things (most either students or world travellers), and a couple of wee teens commonly referred to as dishpigs. They are all showing the terrible signs of being submitted to a comedy festival all last month, i.e. nothing is funny unless it is really really offensive. Oh, so offensive.

My new favourite drink is Montenegro, which is a bitter orange liquor drunk straight with ice. Important to me is the taste (delicious!) and the fact that it is not a very high alcohol content (22% or thereabouts) which helps when drinking with bartenders - "Would you like another?""What are you drinking?""Try one of these!" - it can help to have a potent looking drink in your hands already.

On leaving at the sedate hour of 10.30, they are bellowing along to Elton John, in Sam's honour, "Oh no no no ... I'm an Isle of Man .... Isle of Man! burning out his fuse up here alone! And I think it's gonna be a long long time ..." until We see Sam again in the Isle of Man ....


off topic

but for some unknown reason i can't find your email.. and i was a wondering if you would be free sometime in the not to distant future for cups of tea and library lessons?

April 2011

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